I work with business owners to help you put what you do and why you do it into words that connect with your ideal clients.

I’ve experience copywriting for businesses and community interest companies, including On The Up Consulting and Our Happiness Factor.

Here’s what clients have to say

‘I would highly recommend Louise’s copywriting and pitching services. I am delighted with the results.’

Julia Wolfendale, Founder of On The Up Consulting

‘Thank you for the wonderful copy you have produced for our website. If anyone is looking for a copywriter, I will certainly point them in your direction.’

Gary Loftus, Director of Dreams and Community Building, Our Happiness Factor

Case Study: Website copy for Our Happiness Factor

Our Happiness Factor is a community interest company which helps individuals, teams and communities to unleash their potential and reconnect with the happiness within.

I worked with Our Happiness Factor to update their website copy to encourage people to book the transformation workshops. 

I met with the client to gain a deep understanding of the company and the target audience. There were two segments: individuals who weren’t sure how to make their dreams a reality and public and voluntary sector organisations wanting to focus on the potential and possibilities of communities.

I drew on these insights to create copy that addressed the goals and challenges of both audience segments. I focused on the benefits and included clear calls to action to encourage people to book the workshops. I researched the language of the target audience so I could incorporate words and phrases that would resonate with them.

The Our Happiness Factor website is currently being updated – link to be added once complete.

Case study: Pitch writing for On The Up Consulting

I worked with Julia Wolfendale, Founder of On The Up Consulting to write a pitch for her book Five Ways To Focus.

Julia wanted to get coverage in publications to connect authentically with a wider audience but wasn’t sure how to approach it.

Julia and I met to discuss our strategy for pitching. It was a collaborative approach where we shared ideas about magazines that would appeal to her target audience. 

After our meeting, I researched and crafted a set of tailored pitches complete with contact details for Julia to send. Within 24 hours, she received a response from Psychologies magazine asking to interview her. A few months later and Julia’s commentary was in print.

Here’s what the client had to say

‘I felt a sense of reassurance in working with Louise.

I liked how Louise used her understanding of my content and the content of the magazines I was pitching to align the messaging. It felt authentic and not awkward. I think if I had pitched it would have sounded too salesy or naive. 

The content and contacts Louise provided gave me confidence that I was sending the right information to the right people and in the right way. I liked how Louise tailored each one; it wasn’t a blanket press release. 

It was a great success as within 24 hours of sending off my first pitch I had an email reply from an editor asking for an interview with me. The interview led to one and a half pages of coverage in a top-selling magazine, where I was featured as an expert. Extracts of my book were highlighted and my book was recommended to readers.

I would highly recommend Louise’s copywriting and pitching services. I am delighted with the results.’

Julia Wolfendale, Founder of On The Up Consulting