Here’s why you should start eating seasonally

You can discover the wellbeing benefits of eating seasonally and why Nigella Lawson is inspiring me to make my own pickles in my feature published by Psychreg here.

As winter ushers in the long dark days, eating seasonal foods can help us to recuperate and re-energise in anticipation of spring. We crave warming hearty foods at this time of year for a reason.

In search of a green cure: how gardening serves as my healing space

Find out about more about why immersing ourselves in nature can act as a salve for the mind in my feature for Psychreg here.

When we feel at a low ebb, gardens offer us unexpected glimpses of beauty which can lift our spirits. Whether it is the patter of raindrops on a pond or the heady scent of jasmine on a balmy summer evening, we interact with our gardens with all our senses.

Here’s why you should give Flotation-REST a try

Looking for an escape from constant notifications and distractions? You may want to give Flotation-REST a try.

Find out more about the health and wellbeing benefits of Flotation-REST, also called sensory deprivation, in my feature for Psychreg here.

Flotation-REST offers an escape from the sensory overload, from the pressures and rush of modern life. It can be a welcome way to slow down and take time to reflect.

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