Have you finally finished the book you’re planning to self-publish? I can help you with making the small changes that help your story to shine through. 

Proofreading is the final step of editing a manuscript before it is published. Typically, it involves making minor changes to the text rather than the more substantial changes associated with editing. This can include changes to spelling, punctuation, typing and layout.

My attention to detail means you can trust me to take care of the small things so that you can free up time to focus on the things that excite you.  

As a writer myself, I know from experience how hard it is to spot any errors when you’ve spent a long time with a text. Having someone look at it with a fresh pair of eyes can be incredibly useful before you publish.

With a first-class degree in English from Durham University and a PGCE (teaching qualification) in English from Oxford University, you can rely on me to ensure your writing is of the highest standard.

I can help you with proofreading literary fiction and non-fiction. When it comes to non-fiction, my special interests are as eclectic as me and include: creativity, health and wellbeing, arts and culture, fitness,  yoga, horse-riding, travel, nature, food, and style.

I’ve created the proofreading service to help you focus on the things that excite you. There are a few simple steps involved:

  1. You get in touch to let me know you’re interested in proofreading.
  2. I will set up a discovery call to find out more about you and your project and talk through what support I can offer. 
  3. I will you give you a personalised quote and timescales for your book.
  4. If you decide you want to go ahead, I will send you an agreement to sign. If you decide that it’s not for you or you’re not ready yet then there is no obligation. 
  5. You send me your manuscript and I start the proofreading magic.
  6. I send you a copy of a marked-up version of your manuscript and a document with proofreading suggestions.

I also offer editing which is focused on more substantial changes to a manuscript.